What we offer

Fresh dishes

Enjoy out freshly cooked dishes using traditional German, Armenian and Italian recipes made with regional products whenever possible.

Coffee & Cake

Enjoy a daily variety of delicious cakes and tarts fresh from a regional pastry shop.

Wines from Bacharach

Enjoy a fine selection of local wines in the family atmosphere of our café-bistro


Visit our restaurant in the heart of Bacharach's old town and enjoy traditional German, Italian and Armenian cuisine - freshly prepared for you, with delicious cakes and tarts from regional confectioners and a good selection of regional wines!

All our dishes are also available for take away. To avoid waiting times, we recommend ordering in advance by phone.


Dear guests,

We welcome you to our Café Bistro NOÝ. We have been running this restaurant as a family business since 2020. Our philosophy is to offer you freshly prepared dishes made from regional products wherever possible. We cook exclusively using traditional German, Italian and Armenian recipes without additives.

The name of our café-bistro goes back to the Armenian name of Noah. Mount Ararat, where Noah landed with the Ark according to the bible, lies on the border between Armenia and Turkey. So our logo also shows an ark and the centuries old half-timbered building which now houses Café Bistro NOÝ. The door is open symbolising that everyone is welcome in our house.

As all dishes are freshly prepared for you, we kindly ask for your understanding for the respective preparation time.

We wish you a pleasant stay and bon appétit!

Many greetings
Yours family Sargsyan



Please call

+49 6743 2099785
+49 1511 2326583


Oberstraße 40

55422 Bacharach


Opening Hours

Mon-Sun: 11:30 AM - 10:00 PM

Kitchen hours: 12:00 AM - 8:00 PM